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Meditation 363
The Son of Man

by Bob Morris

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Throughout the gospels, Jesus refers to himself as the "Son of Man." This is generally interpreted as "Son of God," by modern Christians. I was curious about what Jesus may have meant by this phrase, and whether he really claimed to be the Son of God. I looked at every time the phrase is used in the Bible, and I hope you find the results as interesting as I do.

All of the other references to "Son of Man" are Jesus referring to himself. He uses it like the pronoun "he," but never gives any indication that it refers to his divinity.

So does "Son of Man" mean "Son of God?" Apparently not. In fact, its usage seems to emphasize that "Son of Man" is NOT a god. Is Jesus a "Son of Man?" Of course. Is Jesus the Son of God? That's really beyond the scope of this exercise. I'd say He is, just like you and I are sons of God.