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Discussion 3 to Meditation 362
666, 616, Nero, and Translation

by: JT

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In Meditation 362 I suggested "that six hundred and sixty six is nothing more than a later transcription error." This is an incorrect assumption.

The Revelation to John is generally recognized to have been written in Greek. For those scolars who consider Revelation as applying to the time it was written (and not some unspecified future time) regard 666 as applying to Nero, the Roman Emperor at the time. Numerologically, Caesar Nero works out as 666 in both Greek and Hebrew.

When the work was translated into Latin, in at least some versions the 666 was changed to 616, a number applicable to Caesar Nero in Latin.

Now that raises the question: "Shouldn't the number be revised every time the Bible is translated into another language?"[1]


  1. After all we don't want the wrong number on the microchips they are going to implant in us all, do we?


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