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Meditation 345
Choose! How? And Why?

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I'm running low on toothpaste. Add toothpaste to my grocery list, and on my next visit to the "Superstore," I venture into the toothpaste aisle.

I'd just like to quickly buy whatever I was using before, but the toothpaste aisle is 40 feet long, and varieties of toothpaste are stacked five feet high on shelves the length of the to aisle.

So I have to look. There's at least a hundred options, and I have to choose. Oh, that one has tartar control; but this one helps bad breath. Then there's one that has controls both tartar and bad breath. This one is $.79; and that one $1.96. This one here has been recommended by dentists, but that one has two coloured stripes; but wait - there's one with three coloured stripes. Guaranteed whiter teeth? New and improved? Or 100% organic? Tube? Or pump? Or try powder instead of paste for a change? Small? Medium? Large? Giant economy size? There's one with a free toothbrush. And that one has a coupon for floss! Which one to buy? How do I choose? Just close my eyes and pick?

I can see that toothpaste has value to me, and consider I need it; so I must choose.

Finally, I see one looks like the brand I had before - I'm not sure, but I grab it and run!

I regularly get messages telling me to "Choose Jesus."

Do these people think I'm out shopping for a religion?

Just enter the religion aisle and there are various packages there: Choose Jesus! Choose L. Ron Hubbard! Choose Mohammed! Choose Joseph Smith's new improved Jesus! Choose Ras Tafari! Choose Christian Science and get healthcare along with Jesus! Choose Rael! Choose the Buddha! Choose Krishna! Choose Moses! Choose Cosmic Consciousness! Choose that guy down the block who worships the devil in his basement!

I have yet to find a reason for "choosing" any of them.

I cannot see any value in religion for me, I do not need it; so I do not have to choose.

And as for those who say "Choose Jesus;" do they understand the spiritual nature of the faith they are espousing? Do they think a religion can be bought into without an understanding of its foundations, its beliefs, its practices? It seems to me to be a very superficial understanding of the nature of religion.