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Meditation 314
Psychic Super Bowl

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In one of the weekend papers, a psychic predicted that Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens would play badly and suffer a career ending injury. In some ways it was a "safe" prediction, given that Owens would be playing after what his doctors considered too brief a recovery period after leg surgery. However, as for so many psychic predictions, it proved wrong. Owens played well in a losing cause.

I do like to reference these failed predictions. The newspapers already having been sent to their recycling reincarnation, I tried to google the article (so as to properly reference it) with key words psychic, super, and bowl. The desired article did not appear, but I did find a handful of other psychic predictions for this game.

Actual game score, for those who didn't care enough about the game to check the results already:

New England Patriots 24 - Philadelphia 21

Psychic score based on three game predictions, two point spread predictions and two Terrell Owens predictions:

0 for 7