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Meditation 303
Live Like Christ!

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I received several messages from somone identifying himself as a Christian encouraging me to "Live like Christ."

Honestly, I don't know what that means.

I did a search on the phrase, and promptly came up with a number of links pointing to one or another of two books:

  1. The Low Road to New Heights: What it Takes to Live Like Christ in the Here and Now by Wellington Boone; and
  2. Christians in a Crooked World; How to Live Like Christ in a World That Lives Like the Devil by Stephen M Miller

From the titles of these books alone, (I have not read them) it seems clear that how to live like Christ in today's world is not obvious, even to practicing Christians.

Does it mean wearing sandals and flowing robes and living in a mud hut? Not when it hits 40 below at least once every winter in Medicine Hat.

Does it mean getting circumcised and converting to Judaism? Christ wasn't Christian, you know.

Should I go out and start curing lepers, casting out devils, feeding the multitudes, turning water into wine, and raising the dead? I am not up for performing miracles - though it could be argued that I do turn water into wine as I make my homemade wine from a concentrate which requires me to add water.

There is not much detail on how Christ supposedly lived in the bible. We don't know if he ever married. We don't know if he ever had sex, or if so, with whom. Authorities cannot even agree on whether he had brothers or sisters.

There is one way I can live like Christ. That is, to continue to preach what I believe. In my case, that is Agnosticism.

So, to my Christian friend who asks me to "Live like Christ," I can only reply, "I already do."