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Discussion 1 to Meditation 255
Ignorant and uninformed

by Ryan Huckstep

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I have to say that whoever wrote the so called "meditation" 255, is an uninformed and somewhat ignorant person. I have been a mormon missionary and I am fed up of hearing the crap that is said about them. Firstly, all mormon missionaries are different and contrary to popular belief, they all have seperate personalities so sometimes they make mistakes, such as putting their foot in someones door. But I will tell you that the doctrine they teach is perfect. They are young, inexperienced men and women who have a strong belief in the truth that has helped them in their lives and they have found to be true. They believe that being missionaries is what the Lord would have them be at that time. If you do not believe what they tell you that is fine, but why persecute them and all mormons by printing negative articles on the internet or elsewhere. Someone may need the help their message brings but if they have read an article such as yours they will miss that oppurtunity.