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Discussion 1 to Meditation 224
Why do Preachers lie at memorial services?
Because they can?

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At Ken Lay's Houston memorial service, the Reverend Bill Lawson likened the convicted criminal to James Bird, to Martin Luther King, to President John F. Kennedy, and astonishingly to Jesus Christ, because all of them were persecuted.

Suppose Lay's conviction was unjust, and he really was just the guy who happened to be CEO while others robbed the company and he made nothing at all out of the multiple frauds (well, make an effort and just suppose), does he merit being compared by a Christian minister, no less, to Jesus Christ?

Reverend Lawson could have strongly stated he believed the conviction was unjust and that he considered Lay an honest person without comparing him to a brutally murdered black man, two public figures who were assassinated, and the crucified Son of God. He could have provided spiritual comfort to family and friends without going over the top. But instead, he chose to grossly exaggerate.

Is that honest?