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Meditation 215
The Relative and the Absolute God(s).

by Wes Herche

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I’m new to the ways of agnostic apatheism so from time to time I question my faith (in agnostic apatheism). I’ve long held a belief that “god” or “gods” relatively exist and absolutely may or may not exist (in the latter case I don’t really care to know the answer)

“God(s)” relatively exist(s) in the same way I believe aliens, leprechauns, and vampires exist. In that people talk about them, there are movies about them, often times people kill / die for them (especially the gods), and two out of three of them can be found on serial boxes (Lucky Charms, and Count Chocula… though if I can get an investor I’d love to develop “frosted Jesus mini wheat wafers”… "take communion EVERY morning”). They “exist” because they affect my life, and other people’s lives (through the actions of PEOPLE). Just like my girlfriend exists because of the same reasons… because really I have no other method to prove that she, myself, or Blackula exists.

As for the absolute sense I still don’t care. This of course applies to God(s), the Mothman (hey don’t judge… it could have been based on a true story), trolls, or aliens. People often tell me that the government is hiding the existence of aliens from us (the general public) so that we don’t FREAK OUT. But I often wonder if my life would be any different. So Bush says we have aliens in the basement of the Whitehouse, I still don’t think I’ll be able to call into work. Maybe my boss would give me a paid day off if I told him God was out at Bush’s ranch helping him clear brush, I’m sure Gee Dubya would cover for me.