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Jerusalem - Via Dolorosa - photograph 1976 by John Tyrrell

Discussion 2 on Meditation 191
Mel Gibson's Box Office Success

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Re: Meditation 191

Regardless of the artistic merit or the biblical accuracy, Mel Gibson's film has done absolutely boffo at the box office. So far it has pulled in over $200 million. Perhaps this should bother me, but instead, I rather admire Mr. Gibson's accomplishment.

He put up his own money, about $30 million to get the film made. He didn't go out begging to get the money - there were no requests to "send money now, or we'll have to close down the set." Whether you like the product or not, Mr. Gibson did what he set out to do with his own funds, and he kept his integrity intact. This is vastly different from other promoters of Christianity who are always soliciting funds from others.

And I find it amusing that the majority of the film's gross comes from fundamentalist and evangelical Protestants - and they are paying to see an entirely Catholic vision, complete with Mariology and the Stations of the Cross.

As for the profits Mr. Gibson is making, it is unlikely he will pocket them completely. Given his history, it is probable he will use the funds to further promote the traditionalist sect of Catholicism that he follows, another poke in the eye for the Protestants.