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Discussion 1 on Meditation 178
On Heaveno

by Leonso Canales, Jr.

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Editor's Note: This exchange of corresepondence between Leonso Canales, Jr. and Rod Stryker was sent to us by Mr. Canales. Mr. Stryker's permission was sought and obtained prior to publishing it.

From: Rod Stryker

To: heaveno@gcol.net

Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2004 2:54 PM

Subject: Heaveno greeting

Mr. Canales,

I was referred to your website by an acquaintance. I commend you on your desire to inspire positive modes of thought, however, the religious aspects of your chosen greeting tends to also hold negative connotations. Especially with the increased activities of such far right organizations as the Christian Coalition, perhaps a more universal greeting would help to include all faiths from around the world. Personally, I follow many Native American beliefs, which have more connections to nature and ancestry so our greetings hold more emphasis on spiritual and (universal) family hopes, May You Always Walk in Beauty, or Hau, Mitakuyepi! (Greetings, Friend!), Mikakuye Oyasin (To all of my relatives). Of course, there's the tried and true, "welcome," "good day," "salutations," and "hi." Perhaps if more positive images of Christianity (and other dogmatic-filled beliefs) were prevelant in these anxious times, heaveno would be more readily embraced. Just something to think about. Again, I respect your efforts to help give hope to this world, warmongering and misguided as our leaders may be.

walk in peace,

Rod C. Stryker, poet, author

"Exploits of a Sun Poet"
Sun Poet's Society P.O. Box 790526 San Antonio, Texas 78279-0526

url: http://www.postpoems.com/members/rodcstryker/


Dear Mr. Stryker,

Thank you for your commendation, time and effort to write and express your beliefs. The basic idea of ''Heaveno" was to bring out a positive awareness. The heaveno awareness campaign has been an awakening! I have seen the diminishing of the usage of hello on the the internet as a salutation as well. Wal-Mart has done away with their hello name tags. Many other corporations have also been made aware of the hello negative connotation and have also done away with their hello name tags.

The negative 20th century Hello will be remembered as a mistake, and as a deliberate attempt to disguise the negative grammatical connotation that is blatantly associated with the "greeting!" If our NATION'S PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE would read, "One Nation Under Satan!", then maybe "HellO" would deserve some measure of merit. But the fact is, that our Nation's Pledge reads very clearly, "One Nation Under God!"

This new greeting, "HeavenO", is meant to convey and inspire a positive environment among our children, and one another. The 21st Century deserves a New Greeting Awareness..HeavenO! Mr. Stryker, I am not promoting Christianity or any religion. This is an effort to bring about a positive awareness amongst the general population. I believe my mission has been accomplished! Thank you once again for your kind and supportive words!

Remember, "HeavenO!!" Peace and Friendship, be with you.


Leonso C.Canales.