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Meditation 163
God's Team

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Well, the football season is in full swing in North America.

And at the end of each game, star players on the winning team get interviewed by the press.

More often than not, God gets credit for bringing about the win - which logically means God also caused the other team to lose.

God does not always get the credit. Others sometimes get involved in creating wins. Here are the top 10 reasons for victory:

    1. God
    2. The Lord Jesus
    3. Coach
    4. Mom
    5. Prayer
    6. Teamwork
    7. Girlfriend
    8. Teammates
    9. Wife
    10. I'm just so damm good.

But God does not belong on the list. If a god exists, he does not have a favourite team, with one exception.

That exception is the International University of Nescience's Flying Walruses, which is in the middle of its 19th consecutive undefeated season. That is a truly remarkable record, particularly as the University did not exist for most of the period. Clearly, if there is a god, then the Flying Walruses are his team.