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The world's second largest carnivourous dinosaur coprolite from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Meditation 154
Our Lord of the

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Alberta, where I live, is one of the world's great places for finding dinosaur bones. And it is also home to possibly the best museum of paleontology in the world; the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller.

Museums, like the Tyrrell, present a consistent scientific view of the development of life in our world, a development which stretches over several billion years. Those creationists who rely on a literal interpretation of the bible have to fit those fossilized dinosaur bones into a mere 6,000 to 10,000 years.

There seems to be two[1] main streams of thought among those who think God created everything.[2] There are those who believe the dinosaurs perished in the flood, thus the fossils are real but not as old as the scientific evidence shows. Then there are those (see Carl Ruoff's response to Meditation 20), who claim God created the fossils in situ when he created the Earth. Apparently, he did this to test our faith and to show how great he is.

It is not only bones the dinosaurs left behind. They also left a lot of fossilized crap, or dinosaur dung, tyrannosaurus turds, dino droppings, hadrosaur manure, paleo poop, or just plain doo-doo, otherwise known as coprolites.

Examination of coprolites reveals a lot about dinosaurs. It provides evidence of their diet, and the environment in which they lived. The largest coprolite identified to date was recently discovered in Southern Alberta near the small town of Onefour, just north of the Montana border. In addition to the usual bone fragments, this particular coprolite also contained a large remnant of undigested dinosaur muscle. As far as scientists are concerned, this coprolite probably came from an early relative of T-rex, and the undigested muscle represents the passage of a duck-billed dinosaur through its system.

But as for those who believe their god created fossilized dinosaur bones to fool us, then logically (as if logic was relevant to them) their god also created the coprolites as part of his grand scheme. There are tons of coprolites out there, containing the remnants of millions of dinosaur meals. And all apparently created by a creationist god.

Imagine! A belief system that requires you to think that God spent part of the six days of creation playing with shit, creating monster dinosaur turds to somehow try to fool us all.


  1. There is a third school of "thought" which claims dinosaurs survived into the medieval period. Followers of this school point to gargoyles (which must have been modeled from life) as evidence. This strange belief, however, adds nothing to an explanation of dinosaur fossils.
  2. Of course there are those who want to take credit away from God, and claim Satan created the fossils.