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Discussion 1 on Meditation 149
Same-Sex Parenting

by: JT

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One issue not covered in Meditation 149 was the effect same-sex parents has on children.

The Canadian Justice Department undertook a study on this very issue as an impact assessment on the proposed Canadian same-sex marriage legislation.

To the surprise of just about everyone, the study showed that the children of gay and lesbian parents may have an advantage over other children. These children have more positive role models because their parents tend to have more supportive and egalitarian relationships with more equal division of labour.

Also, gay fathers tend to be better than heterosexual fathers in exhibiting authoritative parenting techniques with clear limitations, in addition to warmth, affection, and support.

There is one major caveat to the study in that it is relatively unrepresentative - the socioeconomic class of most of those currently involved in long term same-sex relationships with children means they are well educated and financially secure.

But as things stand right now, parenting skills is not an argument against same sex marriage.