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Meditation 141

By Kristina S.

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When I tell my friends that I am Agnostic, they just can't believe that I have no god, or any faith in god.

I don’t understand this… why is it that when you believe in a god or deity you have faith, but when you DON’T believe, there can't be faith? It takes an amazing amount of faith to believe that a god doesn’t exist. It is basically condemning yourself, in the Christian sense.

If I believed that a god existed, I would be afraid to go against any of what the bible said, or the Koran or torah. God is not supposed to strike utter fear into the hearts of many. He is depicted as loving and just, but when does it become a matter of obligation to worship him?

The bible makes it seem as if he will smite you if you even think about defying him. That is not how any god of mine would seem.

Thinking about all of these issues makes me wonder if any Christian thinks about why they are serving this so called all powerful and loving deity. I am sure that everyone had doubts, and in the justice system if there is reasonable doubt then the accused is supposed to be found not guilty, so can't that apply to faith?

If you have any provable doubt, which most doubts about a god can be proved correct, then shouldn’t you just go ahead and doubt away, instead of leaving your thoughts unaddressed? I express my regrets to those people who don’t understand that having no faith is just as critical as having faith in a god.

Faith is faith, people, no matter what it is in, or how you express it. Faith is faith.