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Meditation 79
We are so Apathetic - and proud of it.

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The most common complaint I get about this web site is about the term apathetic. Regularly, I get messages from individuals who think they have had a brilliant flash of insight "How can you call yourself apathetic when you have a two hundred page web site on Apathetic Agnosticism?"

Here is what has been my stock reply. Publishing it here will allow me to simply respond with a link.

You have problems with "apathetic."

The point to remember is that apathetic is not intended as a general point of view. It applies only to one thing; as does agnostic.

Our apathy is directed only to the issue of the existence of god; as is our agnosticism.

We don't claim to be agnostic about absolutely everything, nor are we apathetic about everything.

Agnosticism says we don't know if god exists, and apathetic says we don't care whether god exists. The question of god's existence is just not important. Its not worth bothering about.

There is no requirement for an Apathetic Agnostic to be apathetic about everything. Many of our members have very strong feelings about other issues - and they feel strongly about the doctrine of Apathetic Agnosticism.

Besides which, the term allows us to laugh at ourselves, something which followers of all religions would be wise to learn to do.