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Discussion 4 to Meditation 53
Christopher Hitchens on Cardinal Law

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On 16 December 2002, writing in Slate about the resignation of Cardinal Law of Boston who was responsible for aggressively covering up and denying child abuse by priests in Boston, Christopher Hitchens had the following to say:

... Cardinal Bernard Law somehow manages to stand out. Of all the offenses that are most vile and unpardonable, the crime of child rape distinguishes itself without further elaboration. And this ugly prince of the church scuttles and shuffles off to Rome to beg permission to make light of it. The documents clearly show him complicit with violations of which a decent person cannot even be suspected. And yet, for these many months, he has acted as if he were himself the persecuted victim. He has also brought bitter shame upon his congregation by seeming to act as if the advice of a foreign politician - the barely sentient pope - was more important than a moral law that anyone can understand without being taught it in catechism.