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Discussion 3 to Meditation 53
Another response to Meditation #53

by Donna Dixon Woodall

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Loved the information about "Father" Pell (Meditation 53), and being influenced by the ongoing disclosures of sexual abuse by Priests that is ongoing, I was thinking, as was my wont, and had the idea that it seems rational that the rationality for the creation of "alter boys" was to provide an infinite source of boys for the priests that were inclined to be enamoured of them.

So often, the reason behind traditions is never given consideration, and the prevalence of alter boys being sexually abused, seems to be made to order for men who have publicly declared themselves to be void of sexual desires and being obligated to seek a source of relief for their proclivities.

What easier idea than incorporate the supply into the system? It would only take one or two creative, productive churchmen to create the position for young males.

I believe most of the traditions incorporated into the church dogma and structure was induced by some personal motive, such as the subjection of women, for men to have sexual rights regardless of the woman's resistance, the opportunity to declare widow's not allowed to own property, and therefore, allow the church to take land, or other property they had.

The whole system is designed to allow the church to separate money and valuables from their rightful owner to it's coffers. Women decreed to be a "witch", was easily stripped of all her possessions and then her life.

What other function has the church truly exercised, but to have say over the lives and rights and property of it's subjects?

And, how lucky women were deemed to be of less value than a pig or cow.

Publicly declaring vows of poverty, gave the churchmen unrestrained access to infinite wealth and luxury.

What a scam.