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Discussion 2 to Meditation 48
The Court’s Ignorance

by: Roger W Hancock
Website: PoetPatriot

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In banning Intelligent Design the courts show their ignorance in law and science.

The U.S. Constitution is misquoted claiming "Separation of Church and State." The 1987 Supreme Court ruling banning the balance between creationism and evolution usurped the court's authority by evoking the nonexistent phrase.

Science began with the premise that all was created by God and that man had only to discover the principles God set in motion. Isaac Newton held the premise of God's providential role in nature. Science is built upon belief in God. Modern Science has built an agenda, attempting to dispel God as a consideration. Science without God has more questions requiring a far greater stretch of one's imagination.

Evolution as a theory is not a fact. If Intelligent Design cannot be taught in our schools because it is not "scientific fact" then the schools also cannot teach evolution, for evolution is not "scientific fact." Were evolution a fact there would be no discussion. Evolutionists hold to their religious beliefs of atheistic evolutionary theory. The court has upheld one religious belief to suppress another.

(c) 2006 Roger W. Hancock