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Meditation 43
Are we here yet?

by: JT

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In the mid-17th century, Bishop Ussher established that the universe was created in late 4004 BC. Now we find that Tony Warren has established[1], using the same infallible-word-of-god bible, that creation actually occurred in 11,013 BC.

This indicates an underestimate of the age of the universe of 7007 years by Bishop Ussher. If we assume that in studies of this nature that both underestimates and overestimates can occur, then it is statistically possible that Ussher's errors were in the other direction and that creation may not come about until approximately 3000 AD. This would imply that everything might be only an illusion, with reality arriving with the next millennium.

And so we all are sitting strapped securely in our child seats, wailing plaintively at god-the-creator up front driving, "Daddy, are we here yet?"



  1. See Addendum to Meditation 20