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Discussion 1 to Meditation 25
Why do we care about right and wrong

by: Christine Kelly

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Why do we care about right and wrong, good and bad, if there is no God?  If there is a God, then why does evil exist at all? 

I know the answer.  The perception of right and wrong, good and evil only exists for us - the rest of the universe does not judge itself, it is simply a human trait.  This is the hidden meaning of the "Adam and Eve" story.  Evil is not "our fault", but it is still exclusively ours because we are the only thing in the universe that comments one way or the other. 

It is the same whether you call the universe God or just the universe.  It is unlikely to have any beginning or any end - what then before and after?  It is Eternal Life, the message of all religions and science surely knows it will not end.  As one star dies, another is born.