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Meditation 14
A FAQ for the Apathetic Agnostic Church

This FAQ was prepared by the Most Reverend Paul Quirk, Patriarch of Ontario. Suggestions for additions and amendments are welcome. Please use the Contact form.

Q: Isn't life meaningless without faith in God?

A: Your life and it's meaning is whatever you wish to make it. Without serving the needs of a God that, if it exists, is quite apathetic about our existence, you are free to determine for yourself what the meaning of life is for you. If it is to stop world hunger, you can contribute to that. If it's the pursuit of happiness, go right ahead. You can pursue a rich, fulfilling life doing whatever it is that you personally find rewarding.

Q: Without religion, how can one live ethically?

A: There is more to moral behaviour than mindlessly following all the dictates of a religion. However, you can adopt guidelines from any source which you find appropriate to you. For example, consider the "Golden" rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or consider the statement: You reap what you sow. In other words, how you behave and treat others dictates how you will be treated, God or no God. The purpose of living ethically then becomes a matter of coexisting successfully and happily in a society of other people rather than serving the needs of a God that may or may not even exist.

Q: Do you believe in Satan / Hell / the Devil?

A: We do not believe in anything that cannot be proven with verifiable evidence. Likewise, we do not dismiss such things that cannot be proven. For example, we do not think that there is intelligent life on Saturn, based on current evidence. However, we don't dismiss the possibility of there being intelligent life on Saturn. If someone provided verifiable evidence of intelligent life on Saturn, we would then concede that yes, there is intelligent life on Saturn. Likewise, if someone provided verifiable evidence that there was no intelligent life on Saturn, we would then concede that no, there is no intelligent life on Saturn. At present, when asked if we believe in intelligent life on Saturn, we would answer, "We don't know, but current evidence indicates that there is not intelligent life on Saturn, nor would there need to be intelligent life on Saturn for anything to exist - but since nobody has proved without a doubt that intelligent life doesn't exist on Saturn, the possibility exists." So, we have the same position on Satan and Hell as we do on God and Heaven. "We don't know, and we don't particularly care."

Q: What is the purpose of your church, if you don't believe in God?

A: Basically, we provide a means of promulgating the concept of agnosticism. We teach "Knowledge over Belief." We encourage people to learn, and to place what they've learned and know to be true over any beliefs they may have.

Q: Are you anti-Christian?

A: No. It does not matter to us whether or neighbour worships no God or twenty Gods. The only thing we are opposed to is when a religion preaches it's congregation to impose upon the fundamental rights of another human being.

Q: Are you Atheist?

A: There is one important difference between us and Atheists. Where an Atheist will plainly state that there is no God, we state that if there is a God, it is beyond our current knowledge to know if God exists, and if that God does exist, that God is apathetic to our existence.

Q: Don't you know that the Bible is the word of God?

A: After reading the bible, there are some things we know for fact. We know that it is a book. We also know that it was written by humans. After some investigation, we discover that it has also been translated from ancient languages. After careful evaluation, we can also conclude that not one word in the bible was actually written by anything other than humans; that is to say, there isn't anything in the holy bible written by God or Jesus Christ or other supernatural force, even though there is a lot of things written about them. Finally, we can also conclude that from the description of God in the bible that if a God exists in our world, it most certainly isn't the same God that's described in the bible. There is nothing indicating to us that the Bible is indeed the word of God, but rather the word of humans unfamiliar with the world that existed thousands of years ago.

Q: Don't you know that Jesus Christ died for your sins?

A: We are more comfortable with taking responsibility for our own "Sins" than to have somebody we've never met who supposedly existed thousands of years ago who supposedly was the son of God take that responsibility away from us. We believe in personal accountability, which is demonstrated in our high regard for moral standards.

Q: Don't you know that we're all sinners and will burn in hell, unless we accept Jesus Christ / believe in God?

A: Since there is no conclusive evidence of the existence of a place called hell, our feelings are much the same regarding Hell as with God and intelligent life on Saturn. We know we've made mistakes, that's what makes us what we are. By learning from our mistakes, we better ourselves. We believe it is better to learn from ones mistakes than to hope that an apathetic deity will wash them away; otherwise, what would we have learned?

Q: What's your position on homosexuality / abortion / insert latest controversy here?

A: We believe that all individuals hold a personal responsibility to themselves to fully research and understand the issue at hand, study both sides of the issue, and then arrive at an unbiased conclusion that they feel is right for them. It is not our place to dictate to others how they should live their lives, nor is it our place to think for others. We encourage people to think for themselves.

Q: If there is no God, then how do you explain the Universe and our being here?

A: When presented with this question, the person asking the question is assured that "God has always been, and always will be" and considers that the Universe is something that was created or popped into existence by way of some supernatural force. Although we won't dismiss that possibility, it is also possible that the Universe has always existed in some form (perhaps a big blob prior to the "Big Bang"), and will continue to always exist in some form. In other words, it's possible that the Universe has always been, and always will be. Science has adequately provided very good theories explaining how we got here. See Meditation 1.


A: We are confident in our Articles of Faith. If you have conclusive evidence that proves (or disproves) the existence of God, we wholeheartedly ask that you send us a copy. If you have conclusive evidence, we will revise our articles of faith to reflect this. While you're at it, please familiarize yourself with the SHIFT key. We find it hard to take serious anyone who TYPES IN ALL CAPS.