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Discussion 1 to Meditation 7
On fence-sitting, scared-to-hope, blinded-by-Lucifer, self-deceived, spiritual pacifists

by Anthony Patterson

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In his article, The Case for Apathetic Agnosticism, the Reverend Gabe Weinberg states:

"You probably won't go to hell! An Apathetic Agnostic does not deny the existence of god or the "absolute truth" of a given religion. So, if and when Judgment Day comes, you can concede and live out eternity in heaven."

Well, I'm sold, and that is why I am officially an ordained minister of the Church of the Apathetic Agnostic. Join us."

Join what? The fence-sitting, scared-to-hope, blinded-by-Lucifer, self-deceived, spiritual pacifists that disguise themselves as students of reason? WAKE UP!

The Devil has succeeded completely in tricking your under-utilised and misguided minds into thinking that you are in some sort of safe zone. For your own sakes, for the love of God, pray that He will help you to escape this trap into which you have fallen. It has clearly been a most rewarding strategy for the enemy of your souls.

Fence-sitters will be getting no easy ride or free passes into Paradise Restored. I pray that you will come to know the love of God that opens the treasures of the universe and imbues the true seeker for truth with real backbone, conviction, passion, wisdom, and spiritual redemption through Jesus Christ.

God bless you.