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Meditation 05
Are You Born Again?

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I don't usually use this forum[1] to attack the particular beliefs of any other religion, but "Are you born again" is truly one of the most annoying questions that is asked today by some Christians. And I wonder if they really understand what they are asking.

The majority of those that pose this question are fundamentalists - those Christians who take their Bible literally. Yet, I cannot believe they take this particular question literally. Do they really believe that somehow they re-entered their mothers' wombs and once again passed through the birth canal so as to experience the "truth of Jesus?"

I think not, and consider that the question can only be posed metaphorically. But, if they can accept being born again as metaphor, what is the difficulty with accepting the bible as metaphor? It takes nothing away from the spiritual element. And a clear understanding of metaphor would relegate the creationist nonsense to the trash.


  1. Well, that was written very early in the development of Meditations. On reflection, as the total number of Meditations published approaches 150, I find I have been very free in criticizing other religions, particularly those which seek to impose their narrow views on the rest of us.