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Discussion 1 to Meditation 3
On Life After Death

by Maarten van den Driest

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Re: Meditation 3

As usual with complex matters, a quick round of defining the things we talk about helps. Or, at least, it shows us where the problem lies and why the discussion cannot be resolved easily. We are, after all, intelligent people of good will? (Well, we are; as for the others….)

When talking about the end of life we should ask ourselves what life is. It seems to me that life is the sum total of a large number of processes. Maybe we can generalize and call life a process in itself. No evidence for any special life stuff, élan vital or fluidum has ever been found.

The question of what happens to a process after it stops is meaningless. Terry Pratchett puts it succinctly, in The Science of Discworld: when you stop whisking an egg, there is no essence-of-whisking that goes on somewhere, it just ends. (Inexact quote.)

Completely in accord with your article of faith no. 2, we can conclude there is no real sense in asking this question.