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Meditation 02
The Reality of the Church

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I received a message from a prospective member asking if the church was real before he made a decision whether to join. My response at the time was clearly inadequate, as he failed to follow up with a request for membership. But let me once again try to answer the question.

Is the Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic "real"?

Answer 1: Well, we're certainly not Memorex.*

Answer 2: If by real, you mean are we a real "legal entity" registered in accordance with the laws of some jurisdiction, authorized to give tax deduction receipts in return for donations, then no - we are not real. And as I have no interest in soliciting or collecting donations, then I see little benefit in taking the effort and expense to establish the Church as a legal entity. It is not important - I guess I'm rather apathetic on taking action. Of course if some lawyer (particularly from Britisch Columbia) wants to provide free legal assistance.... (See the section on Needs.)

Answer 3: But if by real, you mean are we real people with a common set of beliefs about religion who have chosen to identify ourselves as Members of the Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic, or more simply as Apathetic Agnostics, then certainly we are real. In fact, the founder of the Church is an ordained minister, who is himself authorized to conduct ordinations. Thus the clergy of the Church is real as is the membership. And our clergy are authorized to perform all the ceremonies associated with our passages through this life.

If you want to join a church for the privilege of being continuously solicited for money, to have a set of moral directives laid down for you, and to have to attend weekly (or even more frequent) meetings, then you are looking in the wrong place. But if your religious beliefs happen to coincide with our Articles of Faith, and you want to join others with the same beliefs, then welcome to the Church. We are indeed real.



* If this reference is not clear, please see the discussion.

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