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Discussion 1 to Meditation 1
On Time and Space

by Wes Herche

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You state in Meditation 1:

"This means, that as there is no such thing "before the Universe" within time, and no "before the Universe" within space"

This is redundant. Time and space are the same thing. Now maybe you already knew / understood this, and maybe you were just writing this for the layman... so if so just skip the rest of this.

Space and time are only interpreted as separate entities by humans. The problem mostly stems from our indo-germanic language structure. That's why in our language we have the butchered word "space-time continuum". What most people don't realize is this is our best way to sum up what people call "the fabric of space-time". That is, time is (for lack of a better word) interwoven with space. For example: it is well known that mass bodies warp space... but they also warp time. It's how we come up with an "event horizon" for black holes. Not only can light not escape that "point" (well actually black holes aren't really all that "black"... But that's a different subject) but also time cannot escape either.... But that's really because they are one in the same. As I said, it's only our interpretation that separates them.

Well I could go on... but I don't want to bore you, or tell you things you may already know. There's a lot of good authors on the subject anyway (far better than me). For example: Michio Kaku, Greene, Hawking, etc.