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For a number of years, Massimo Pigliucci distributed his Rationally Speaking column to a number of web sites, including this one. In 2005 he moved to blogging and his columns were no longer distributed. However, for several years his articles were an integral part of this site, and those we published are now retained in his archive.

Please note:

  1. No copyright is claimed by UCTAA for anything in Rationally Speaking
  2. Publishing this collection in our archive does not mean UCTAA necessarily agrees with the content of Rationally Speaking in whole or in part.
  3. No maintenance is being done on the Rationally Speaking.
  4. External links may be broken.
  5. The email addresses on the web site may be currently invalid.

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For current articles from Massimo:


Discussions for the Rationally Speaking columns on this site remain open and will be continue to be published against individual articles. Comments are invited.