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"[T]he world-view of my Agnostic Church will be so much at odds with the prevailing world-view of Western Civilization that, if Spengler is correct, the Agnostic Church (or its successor) will eventually exercise its right as a "major religion" to found its own, unique Civilization"

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The Agnostic Church was developed by Bill Schultz and hosted for a number of years at agnostic.org and agnostic.com. The primary content of the site is an Agnostic Bible. While incomplete, it is a large and significant work. The entire site disappeared sometime in 2004.

Interest in an Agnostic Bible has been expressed on several occasions by correspondents (Q&A 109 & 194 for example) and that is why this site has been added to our archive rather than leave it to be forgotten. But there is much in it I find disturbing and much I disagree with, starting with Schultz's peculiar definition of agnosticism. Do not regard this document as part of Apathetic Agnosticism. I still don't think we have need of a Bible.

The site was recently recovered from archive.org. What is published here is a combination of several different archived sets from mid-2004 as no single set seemed complete. As archive.org added java-script to each page for its own navigation purposes, considerable editing has been required to make it once again navigable outside the archive.

Please note:

  1. No copyright is claimed by UCTAA for anything on the archived Agnostic Church web site.
  2. Publishing the site in our archive does not mean UCTAA necessarily agrees with the content of the archived Agnostic Church in whole or in part.
  3. No maintenance is being done on the archived Agnostic Church web site. (other than to fix any broken internal links that may be reported)
  4. External links may be broken, and there will be no effort expended in fixing them.
  5. The email addresses on the web site may be invalid, and there will be no effort expended in fixing them.

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I will open a discussion section for this web site if anyone cares to comment.