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"Apathyology is the study and practice of not caring about the things we shouldn't care about, and caring about the things we should, but not too much."

Enter Apathyology

Apathyology was developed by Daniel Pierce (Uncle Cosmo.) For reasons I was never clear on, Daniel asked me to take on (temporarily, I thought) hosting it. After several years of paying for the URL, I decided I had better things to do with my money, particularly as there is no apparent benefit to UCTAA.

The URL expires in November 2009. (for about three more weeks you can still access it at apathyology.info.) My attempts to contact the original owner to pass the site back to him have failed. And while I see no point in paying for a URL, I think the web site is interesting enough to keep available.

So, that view was the initial inspiration for this Archive of Dead Web Sites.

Please note:

  1. No copyright is claimed by UCTAA for anything on the Apathyology web site.
  2. Publishing the site in our archive does not mean UCTAA necessarily agrees with the content of Apathyology in whole or in part.
  3. No maintenance is being done on the Apathyology web site.
  4. External links may be broken.
  5. The email addresses on the web site are currently invalid.
  6. The certificates offered on the web site are not currently available.

Enter Apathyology


I will open a discussion section for this web site if anyone cares to comment.