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Apathetic Agnostic Choir Book
Secular and Sacrilegious Songs for the Season

By: JT

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It has been too long since anything has been added to these pages, so with the caroling season upon us, here are some suggestions:

First, back in 2013 Paste Magazine ranked what it considered the top 15 secular Christmas songs. Tracks are provided for your listening pleasure. These songs are not particularly agnostic, but they probably won't offend your religious sensibilities. And your religious friends overhearing your playlist probably won't notice that you are totally ignoring the Christ Child.

Top 15 Secular Christmas Songs

Secondly, from the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, we have Elvis's stirring rendition of Blue Solstice.

Thirdly, I'll go with one more list, this one from the Houston Press, which suggests keeping the Saturn in Saturnalia:

Happy Saturnalia! 5 Songs for the Original Holidays

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