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The Church of the Apathetic Agnostic welcomes you to ApatheticAgnostic.com.
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Updated 4 April 2019

The Final Update from JT done. Other appropriate material will be published if it is submitted.

Further updates will depend entirely on reader submissions.

Your article submissions and thoughtful comments on previously published articles would be appreciated to help keep this site active. The site owner has now ended his written contributions. (See Meditation 1400 & 1401) Guest articles will continue to be published.

Applications for memberhip and ordination are no longer available. Requests for replacement documentation and for Certificates of Good Standing will continue to be actioned indefinitely, provided JT remains reasonably able to respond.

Your contributions for publication, pro and con, are encouraged.
Submissions for publication are not limited to non-fiction and opinion. Fiction and poetry from an agnostic viewpoint is appropriate; artwork including cartoons and comic strips, and multimedia files are also suitable for publication. If you have the talent, we invite you to keep this site active.

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The Church offers free membership and ordination, and, through our affiliated International University of Nescience, also offers a select range of degrees to members and clergy. Application is online and documentation is issued by e-mail. See inside for details

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*Actually, there are several thousand more pages than 666, but that particular number is sure to annoy someone.